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Sunbeds for hire & sale

Elite Canopy

canopy sunbedsOur canopy sunbeds are manufactured using only the highest quality components and wherever comply with the latest relevant British Standards.

  • Fitted with full lenght 6ft Isolde Tubes
  • Curved unit to give an all over tan
  • 30 minutes safety timer
  • Fully adjustable, spring assisted stand
  • Available with 100-160 or 200 Watt tubes

Elite Double

double sunbed unitThe Elite, 18 tube, double sunbed unit has an ultra modern design, which combines stylish curves and several unique features to provide a truly futuristic home solarium.  These sunbeds are manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality components and wherever possible comply with the latest British and European standards.

  • Curved top and bottom to promote an even, all-over tan and greater comfort
  • Hydraulic assisted lift and lower system, enables finger tip control
  • A 30 minute safety timer with auto shut off and full safety instructions as standard
  • Available with 100-160 or 200 Watt tubes

Sunquest Ibiza (16 tubes)

Vertical Tanning unitA vertical tanning unit with reflectors and a minute timer, with a 10 minute safety fitted as standard.  Each panel is very light so delivery and installation are easy. The panels simply hook together on brackets, with two wider brackets above and below the entrance, providing extra stability.

Each panel has its own ventilation fan sucking in cool air at the bottom. The cool air then passes over the length of each tube and out of the top of the tanning unit ensuring that the tubes operate continually at the optimal temperature This maximizes tube lifetime and minimizes tanning times.

The salon success of 160 Watt technology is now available in the home. You don't have to leave the house and can forget about those half hour tanning times!

VT 20 (20 tubes)

Vertical Tanning unitThe ultimate Vertical Tanning unit incorporating an all metal rigid construction with an hygienic enamel white finish.  This VTU is manufactured in Great Britain using only the highest quality of components and wherever possible complies with the latest British and European standards.

  • Commercial power 160 watt high intensity reflector tubes
  • Close proximity tanning area adjustable to suit you
  • Full power factor correction
  • All round guard protection system and twin 10 minute safety timers
  • Full body coverage with total surround and fully hinged door
  • High capacity cooling fans in each door
  • Available with 160 or 200 Watt tubes

curved, double unit sunbedVX240 (24 tubes)

The VX Range of domestic Vertical Tanning Units are designed to maximize full body coverage and produce outstanding tanning results. The new ergonomic shape promotes customer comfort and exceptional performance.

  • 24 x 160 - 240w ETP
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Close proximity tanning
  • Full length customer controlled Body Breeze Unit
  • Total body coverage with full surround tanning
  • Available with 240 Watt tubes

Sunbed hire and sales delivered to your doorstep in: Warwickshire, Leicestershire, West Midlands, Arley, Atherstone, Barlestone, Barwell, Bedworth, Birmingham, Coventry, Dordon, Earl Shilton, Grendon, Hinckley, Leicester, Market Bosworth, Newbold Verdon, Nuneaton, Polesworth, Sapcote, Stoney S